49ers-Titans: Ask 49ers fans from Niners Nation

Hey folks, this is Fooch from Niners Nation, your resident 49ers blog. Our teams are squaring off in what should be an interesting battle. At the beginning of the year I was particularly concerned about this game. As the season wore on I shifted to the other side of the spectrum. However, after your win this past weekend (even if it was the Jaguars) has me a bit concerned about this game. The 49ers sit as 4 point favorites, although it opened at 5.5, meaning folks are throwing money at your Titans.

The most intriguing matchup, at least right now, would be the Titans big time rushing attack against the 49ers very solid rushing defense. Chris Johnson is an absolute beast, while the 49ers are #1 in yards per carry allowed (3.2 ypc). To date, Adrian Peterson (85 yards, 4.5 ypc) and Michael Turner (97, 4.4ypc) have had the most success against the 49ers, so we'll see what Johnson can bring to the table.

The 49ers have been an inconsistent team thus far showing signs of awesomeness, while laying eggs at other times. There is a lot to talk about this week, so fire away with your questions.

And if you want to keep the conversation up top, feel free to Rec this as much as you want.