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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings : The "It'll Be Okay" Edition


Rankings for Week 7 after the jump. We went up in every ranking this week. Average spot is 25.'s "experts" - up five to #25

ESPN - up three to #26

The 49ers likely will offer significantly more resistance than the Jaguars did. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo! Sports - up three to #25.

Does owner Bud Adams have any other bright idea

Pro Football Weekly - up four to #26.

Can't argue with this: Vince Young has 19-11 record as starter.

CBS Sportsline - up three to #29

The move to Vince Young paid off. Yeah, as long as Chris Johnson runs for 228, it paid off. They did show more life coming off their bye in winning for the first time.

Fox Sports up five to #25.

Crazier things have happened, but not much would be wilder than if Vince Young led the Titans on a miracle playoff run after spotting the league six games. But if he can keep his head together, never say never.

The Sporting News's Power Poll - up three to #26.

So far, so good for Vince Young in his bid to reestablish himself as an NFL starter.

What if Sports's unique "Power Predictions" - up two to #23.