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Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans : 5 Keys to Victory

  1.  Put Kurt Warner on the ground. Kurt Warner is 15-24 in games where he has been sacked three or more times, compared to 49-23 in games he has been sacked two or less times.  If last week was any indication, pressure is coming for the Titans. Coach Cecil isn't exactly known for the blitz, but he needs to make it happen to create mistakes and turnovers. It will be a long day for Arizona if they don't have enough time to complete throws.
  2. Run the ball.  Same deal as every week, but running still gives the best chance to win.  We need to keep the offense off the field especially this week, considering we are playing the third best offense in November gaining 416 yards per game.  When CJ gets more than 24 carries in a game, we are 4-0, but when he gets less than 24 carries, we are 0-6.  Do you see a trend? It's safe to say running the football is our best chance of winning the game.  The Cardinals have allowed 155 yards per game through the past four weeks after allowing just 81 yards per game through the previous seven weeks.  Jimmy pointed out to me that their defense allowed 116 yards to Justin Forsett.  Justin Forsett. He has 255 career yards in three years.
  3. Cover the receivers.  Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald combine to make arguably the best receiving tandem in the National Football League.  Boldin is hot with two straight 100 yard games, and Fitzgerald is always hot.  Please, please, please let Rod Hood play over Nick Harper.  Rod Hood is familiar with the receivers after starting with the Cardinals last year, so it only makes sense, but we know it's not happening.  Cortland Finnegan was injured when the Titans faced Reggie Wayne and Randy Moss, who had big days in return, but he was not injured when we played Andre Johnson last week, and he was kept in check.  The same thing needs to happen this week against Larry Fitzgerald.
  4. Win the fourth quarter.  The fourth quarter has been where the Titans are winning the game during the last few weeks, and it has been where the Cardinals are breaking down. Of course, if the team comes off to a lead early, they won't have to worry about it.  Last week's Cardinals game was a prime example for the fourth quarter woes, when the team got off to a 21-3 lead by halftime, but got shutout in the second half...against the Rams
  5. Ride the momentum.  We are in the middle of a remarkable win streak and we are finally healthy.  The momentum has to be tilted the Titans way, even though the Cardinals are undefeated on the road. The last time we played at LP Field we were entering the game with one win, so the fans have got to be pumped up for this one. Coming off a huge win on Monday night, the Titans really do look inVINCEable.  Let's hope it continues.