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Cardinals vs. Titans: Five Questions with Revenge of the Birds


1.  The Cardinal run defense has been solid this year.  How do you like their chances at containing Chris Johnson?  

The run defense started off great through the first six games but has been falling hard the last four. I see it going two ways on Sunday. Either the Cardinals play smart, and not allow a big run, but Johnson still has over 100 rushing yards. Or the Cardinals will miss tackles and get caught out of position a few times, in which Johnson runs for 150+.

2.  Anquan Boldin is a guy that a lot of Titans fans coveted this last offseason.  Is he happy in Arizona now?  Talk about what he means to this team and Larry Fitzgerald.


Boldin has been virtually quiet all year and finally realized he wasn't going to be traded. He's played hard this year despite playing through injuries. The last two games he's been 100% and has went for over 100 yards each game. He's the workhorse of the offense and does a lot of things that don't get noticed(playing in the slot will do that). He benefits from Fitzgerald gaining double coverage but will draw in an extra defender from time to time and let Fitz make a play. He and Fitz have a great relationship and thrive off of each other's production.


3.  Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie is a local product having attended TSU.  Has he developed into the shutdown corner they drafted him to be?


He didn't start till halfway through last year but once he did he gradually turned into a pleasant surprise(most of us expected him to take longer to develop). He also came through big for our playoff run, and was one of the large reasons we made it to the Super Bowl. This year he's had to live up to very high expectations and defenses picked on him a bit. When he doesn't try and gamble on the ball too much he can silence any receiver.


4.  Who is the best player on the Cardinals we have never heard of?


Calais Campbell. I know a lot of ROTB guys will agree that he is our hidden gem but it shouldn't be long before he's well known. He's a defensive end and currently in his second year after developing last year. He's a beast on the field(6'8"), has a very high motor, and he's a class-act on the field. This year he had 2 blocked field goals and is tied for first on the team with 3.5 sacks(which isn't a lot but in a 3-4 defense, ends get a lot of sacks).


5.  Write the headline in Sunday's Tennessean.


Titans Keep It Close, Can't Stop A Healthy Kurt Warner

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