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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings : The "Now Don't Get Too Confident" Edition


Rankings for Week 11 after the jump. We went up in every ranking this week. Average spot is 17.'s "experts" - up two to #19.

ESPN    - up three to #19

Vince Young increasingly appears to be an answer, not a question. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo! Sports  - up five to #16.

If Vince Young continues to improve, and the Titans continue to win, would anyone be happy about facing this team in the playoffs?

Pro Football Weekly  - up two to #21.

Chris Johnson gunning for one of the all-time yardage seasons.

CBS Sportsline  - up three to #19.

They are somehow still alive at 4-6. Winning four consecutive games after opening 0-6 is impressive. Vince Young is doing a nice job.

Fox Sports up three to #18.

Remember everyone chuckling when after the Titans finally won a game, RB Chris Johnson told the media that the team was going to shoot for 10-6? Four down, six more to go and no one's laughing at the Titans — especially the opposition having to deal with the more mature (so far) Vince Young and the NFL's rushing leader Johnson.

The Sporting News's Power Poll - up four to #19.

Riding a four-game winning streak, and learning that Vince Young has matured.

What if Sports's rankings - up one to #8