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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Vince Young Is Our Quarterback Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 This was my favorite quote in years (Full video at the end of this post):

Tafoya: For those people who still questioned, Vince, whether you could still play at this level in the NFL and be consistent, what's your answer to them?

VY: I love y'all too!

Paul K has these great tidbits as well:

When he was installed ahead of Kerry Collins following the Titans' 0-6 start, Young inherited a team with little more to lose. While the Texans seemed to feel the pressure as the moments that would decide the game arrived, the easy-going demeanor Young prides himself was still evident. 

He put his arm around coach Jeff Fisher’s shoulder when he arrived at the sideline after failing to realize the 2:00 warning was upon the team in the first half. He patted an official on the backside after he was marked down, correctly, short of the goal line on one scamper. And he said he talked after the game amiably with Cushing, who was flagged for a late hit on Young out of bounds, telling his one-time USC rival that he should be defensive rookie of the year. 

Newest VY fanboy: Paul Kuharsky... though, truth be told, if you're still hatin' on the man today then hating is something you were just born to do.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Last night might have been the most encouraging performance we've seen so far from Chris Johnson (and Mike Heimerdinger, in all honesty).  Against one of the league's better run defenses, CJ was contained from breaking his signature huge plays yet managed to slash and grind his way to 151 yards while still averaging an elite 5.2 yards per carry.  Getting it done in multiple was while never being stopped: just another reason CJ is the best back in the NFL right for 2010.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 How far has Vince Young's passing progressed?  Even Mike Florio, who got a good chunk of his NBC money for publicly hatin' on Vince, is giving the man some credit.

Follow us through the jump as the celebration continues....


Tennessee_titans_30x21 This year, Nick Harper is the worst CB I've ever seen line-up in a Titans uniform, and I watched the entire Reynaldo Hill era.  I watched Denard Walker too.  This guy has lost it and that game would've been much less heart-attack inducing had Rod Hood started.  I guess Fisher needs Bud to make that call for him as well?

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Antonio Smith should have been ejected for elbowing Kevin Mawae in the kidney well away from the play last night.  How friggin' stupid do you have to be to blatantly cheap-shot the president of the NFLPA?  Also, how hilarious is it that the president of the player's union is getting called the dirtiest player in the league by some?  How does that make one lick of sense?  Are we to believe that Mawae is such a political and legal genius that players would vote for him despite being injured and hurt by him?  Or are we to believe that the douchecanoe casting stones is just a petty, vindictive player who was a proven cheater on multiple occasions? 

KSK knows why we won: Rob Bironas' Gunfingaz!

Tennessee_titans_30x21 There still isn't a clear timetable of Justin Gage's return to the line-up.  Kenny Britt has been great in Gage's absence, but getting Gage back would still be a big boost to the offense.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Looking at the AFC standing we have a long hill to climb to make a wildcard spot over the next 5 weeks, but there's one thing working greatly in our favor: the teams that are in front of are the Steelers (could be sans Big Ben for a while, already missing Troy), Broncos (slumping hard), Ravens (Flacco is regressing, D isn't what it was), Texans (can't close), the Jets (somehow Sanchez threw 2 INTs in last night's game) and the Dolphins (missing Ronnie Brown, but they're the one team in this cluster who are improving).


Send me links or don't send me links.  I don't care today because WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!