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Tennessee Titans 20 Houston Texans 17 Recap: Wide Left!!

I just pulled about 4 muscles in my legs jumping up and running around the living room.  What a game! 

Vince Young still owns the city of Houston and the Texans.  It is truly amazing to see the transformation he made in his time off.  He knows this offense inside and out, something that couldn't be said of him before, and he has that confidence and swagger that we all loved watching his rookie season.  He is making smart throws and pulling the ball down and running at the right time.

What more is there to be said about Chris Johnson?  He stays on pace for his 2,000 yards with another 151 tonight on 29 carries.

You gotta love Rob Bironas.  Misses a big kick but comes back and nails the one that really matters.  Who has two thumbs and predicted the game would be won by a late Bironas kick?  This guy. 

And to make it all the more sweeter, that very well could be the dagger in Houston's quest to learn what being in the playoffs feels like.  Here's to hoping they don't find out any time soon.

Enjoy the win.  If nothing else, it keeps the Titans long-shot playoff hopes alive for another week.  Have a ball in the comments on this thread.  We will have a full recap and much, much more on this game in the morning.