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Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans : 5 Keys to Victory

  1. Be inVINCEable. I know the Texans fans hate it, but Vince really has something in him that makes his teams win. Jimmy said he'll never lose in Houston, and so far so good, but we'll see. Vince just needs to continue playing efficiently and we'll be okay. Our stellar offensive line has only allowed 7 sacks, so Vince should have time to use that new found accuracy.
  2. Run, as always. The Texans defense may have improved since last time, but the Titans offense has also improved. Chris Johnson currently has a four game streak of 100+ yard games, and his goal this week is to get 200 after he was stopped just short in Week 2. I would expect more of Lendale White than we have seen in past weeks to tire the defense.
  3. Play better pass coverage. Last time we played this team, Andre Johnson torched our defense for 149 yards. Then again, he was being covered by Nick Harper. This time he should be covered by Rod Hood.  That immediately gives us a better chance. If the pass rush puts Matt Schaub on the ground though, he won't even have to opportunity to make throws. The defense needs to think pass first. We catch a huge break with Owen Daniels out.
  4. Don't get distracted. Yes, it's Monday Night Football. Yes, the fans will be riled up. Yes, it will be exciting. But the players need to remember it's just another game. Also don't regard the Texans as harmless, because this is arguably the best team in their history. Every game from here on out is a playoff game, because to have any real chance at the playoffs, we need to win out.
  5. Win the turnover battle. Matt Schaub and the Texans offense is very prolific. In fact, they are third best in the league through the air, only behind the Patriots and Colts. As it's been said numerous times, the only way to stop an offense is by not allowing them to get on the field. The Titans have an 8-1 edge in turnover ratio after the bye week, a considerable improvement from the losing streak. With a struggling run game, Schaub has had to pass an awful lot, and that has led to nine interceptions this season. And the reason he has to pass so often? Fumbling problems by Steve Slaton.