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Titans vs. Texans: Five Questions with Battle Red Blog



Sorry for the delay getting this posted.  Here are my 5 questions to Jake from Battle Red Blog and his answers:

Chris Johnson had a huge day in the first game.  Why are the Texans better equipped to stop him this time than they were in week 2?

Having better safety play is a huge improvement.  Free agent signee Bernard Pollard has played incredibly well since starting in week 4.  Also, rookie corner back Glover Quin is physical and plays the run effectively.  I don't think that the Texans will "shut down" Chris Johnson, but if they can keep him from singlehandedly beating us the way he did in week 2, I think it gives us a much better shot.  The last part of shutting down Chris Johnson is jumping out to some sort of lead.  If the offense can put up some points early, that will force Vince Young to beat us through the air rather than just pound the ball.

What in the world is going on with Steve Slaton?  Any shot he returns to his 2008 form down the stretch?


I hope that Slaton return to 2008 form for the rest of the season.  So far it has been a combination of sub-par run blocking and Slaton's mental state.  He dances a lot more than he did in his rookie season instead of hitting the hole, and the fumble thing led to him being benched against the Bills.  Hopefully the bye week allowed Kubiak and the rest of the coaching staff to work through the mental issues he's been having so far.

Honestly, where do you think Matt Schaub ranks among NFL quarterbacks?  Is he good enough to be in the conversation with Peyton, Brady and Brees?

I think that Matt Schaub is a good NFL quarterback, but a great quarterback in Kubiak's system.  He doesn't belong in the conversation with the Manning's and Brees's of the world, but he can put up numbers similar to them in this system.  He reminds me of Rich Gannon with the Raiders earlier this decade, not necessarily the way they play but the way that a system can fit them perfectly to produce results.

With all of the offensive line problems that the Texans have had, does it frustrate you that they have never stepped up and drafted an offensive lineman in the first round?

We actually did draft Duane Brown at the end of the first round last year.  He showed up to camp in 2008 a little out of shape which led to his part time responsibilities as well as his average play.  This year though, Brown might be the most improved player on the offensive side of the ball.  The Texans have allowed less sacks than all but 6 other teams in the league this year (15), and a great deal of that can be attributed to Brown.

Write the headline in Tuesday morning's Tennessean.

In week two I told August West that it was going to be something alluding to a close game.  I know it's kind of a fence sitting answer, but this week it will be about the same.

A big thanks to Jake for doing this.  As always head over there to see his questions to me with my answers.  Also, be sure and listen to MCM Radio Sunday night at 9 central.  We will have Jake on to preview the game.