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Coach Fisher's Friday Practice Report

(on Ryan Moats and Steve Slaton)

They're both different backs. Chris (Brown) is a different back than the other two. We've got tape on all of them, we've seen them. I would anticipate Moats to play on first and second down and then Slaton will probably handle duties on third down.

(on why the Texans have struggled running the ball)

They're throwing it very well. They can still run it. They put some good numbers up against some tough defenses. Their run game is still always going to be a concern.

(on the Texans secondary)

I'm sure they got those things corrected. Their whole entire defense has improved, numbers reflect it. If you look at the run defense and what we talked about yesterday. The run defense is not just attributed to the front seven, it's attributed to the entire defense. They've improved. They're making a lot of plays.

(on not having as many communication breakdowns on defense in the recent weeks)

It's has a lot to do with the return of Cort, Rod (Hood) getting use to what we're doing and Vinny (Fuller) coming back.

(on Justin Gage)

He's improving each day. He's improving. If he's unable to get out tomorrow, then it will be unlikely that he will play.

(on Kenny Britt)

He did things right. He's quietly doing the job. He's not getting a lot of opportunities, but those will come. With the potential of Justin (Gage) not to play this week, he's got a chance to make a lot of plays.

(on how Kenny Britt has performed as a blocker)

He's been very efficient. He knows he's big, strong. He's a good position blocker, but he'll also deliver a blow. He understands his role as far as that's concerned.