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Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report

(on the Texans run defense)

Well, the first three games they were giving up an average of 204 yards a game and the last six they've given up 60, and 60 would put them at the top of the league in the NFL right now. It's getting people healthy, a few minor adjustments, people in the right place and not giving up big plays.

(on Brian Cushing)

I thought he was playing really well in week three. He's improved since then. DeMeco (Ryans) is playing well. They're playing well upfront and the corners are supporting well. They're just not giving up big plays. They're scoring points. Teams don't have as many carries against them in the last six weeks, but they're playing well.

(on if there is dislike for the Texans)

I think we've established a rivalry now. We've gone there and lost, they beat us here at home. I think we've established a rivalry now.

(on why teams get better after bye weeks)

Some teams will improve, other teams for whatever reason will come back and have penalties and timing will be off and such. I haven't really gone and studied what they've done after bye weeks rather than just look at games after bye weeks to see if there's any unusual things that take place. We'll have to see. I'm sure they got a chance to heal up. They got an extra chance to game plan against us. We'll just have to see.

(on the Texans being an up and coming team)

They made a change on the defensive side and I think they've settled down. (Matt) Schaub has been healthy. They've got terrific players around him. Andre Johnson is as good if not the best in the league right now outside, even though they lost (Owen) Daniels, they still have other receivers that can make plays. They're well coached upfront, they've got a good running game, they've got three backs that can carry the football and they're not turning it over. That's a pretty simple equation there. They're a team that's drafted well. They built their defense up and that's been the difference.

(on if he sees the Texans as a playoff team)

I see them as our next opponent. I know this is perhaps one of the biggest games in their franchise's history. We'll see, I think over the next three or four weeks people will have a better idea.

(on Andre Johnson beating the defense deep down the field during the last game)

I give them credit for executing, but we didn't play well. We made some mistakes. We can't shut Andre out, you just don't do that. They're going to get him the football. What we can't do is give up the big plays deep down the field.

(on Vince Young playing at home in Houston)

I think it's always going to be an exciting time for him to go back and play at home. I think this week will be a little different. He'll be much more focused on football and the X's and O's rather than the emotions associated with going home.

(on if there is an advantage to having more experience at playing in big games)

They played the Monday night game last year. Each game along the way against different opponents becomes a big game for them. This game is about settling down and weathering the storm through the first couple of series, dealing with emotions and staying focused on football.