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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings : The "Just Keep Doin' What You're Doing" Edition


Rankings for Week 10 after the jump. We went up or stayed steady again in every ranking this week. Average spot is 22. Expect us to rise considerably if we come out on top Monday night.'s "experts" - up two to #21.

ESPN    - up one to #22

A fourth win in a row would do a lot to help ruin the Texans' season. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo! Sports  - up four to #21.

When you’re an 86-year-old rich guy whose team is winning a football game, is there any reason not to wear your feelings on your middle fingers?

Pro Football Weekly - up one to #23.

They could be a game behind Houston next week. Unreal.

CBS Sportsline  - up two to #22

Don't look now, but Vince Young is 3-0. Can they make a run? Is it possible?

Fox Sports up three to #21.

How good is Chris Johnson? The guy's already over 1,000 yards in just nine games, averaging an NFL-best 6.4 yards per carry and the two-way threat has amassed over 200 more total rushing/receiving yards than anyone else — which means over 200 more than Adrian Peterson, Steven Jackson, Maurice Jones-Drew and every other stud NFL RB.

The Sporting News's Power Poll - steady at #23.

QB Vince Young is playing well, but RB Chris Johnson is the backbone of their recent success.

What if Sports's rankings rank us....#9