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Jeff Fisher's Monday Press Conference: You Guess the Answers

Numbertenox suggested this game last week, and I thought it was a brilliant idea.  After the jump I have posted each question that Jeff Fisher was asked at his Monday afternoon press conference.  Without cheating, try and guess how he answered each question.  I am guessing most people don't want to take on every question, so just specify which question you are answering.  Ready.....go....

(on the challenged play)


 (on whether the ball being respotted after the challenge should have meant Tennessee won the challenge)

 (on the current winning streak and if they prepare one game at a time)

 (on Vince Young building the trust of his coaches and teammates)

 (on Vince Young's block for Chris Johnson and what message that sends to teammates)

 (on if Vince Young is becoming more efficient)

 (on if the coaches have more trust in Vince Young)

 (on Kenny Britt fighting for the reception)

 (on why Vince Young is so effective at running the ball)

 (on Sen'Derrick Marks)

 (on the player personnel in the secondary)

 (on the advantage to the six defensive backs package)

 (on Vince Young's confidence)

 (on what area the team has improved on the most)

 (on if there is any worry about asking too much from Chris Johnson)

 (on where to credit Chris Johnson's success)

 (on David Stewart)

 (on if Vince Young has opened up more for Chris Johnson)

 (on if he was surprised the Bills didn't accept the penalty that set up Rob Bironas' 51-yard field goal)

 (on Bill Belichick going for it on fourth down in their own territory)

 (on Texans WR Andre Johnson and his success against the Titans last game)

 (on Mr. Adam's enthusiasm)

 (on if Mr. Adams' emotions got the best of him)

 (on Nick Harper)

 (on if there were any injuries in the game)

 (on Justin Gage)

 (on if he's waiting to see more from Nick Harper before playing him)

 (on if it helps to heal up players having a game on Monday and Thanksgiving the following week)

 (on Justin Gage's injury and if it is different for offensive players to come back from this injury compared to defensive players)