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Bud Adams Gives the Buffalo Bills Sideline the Double Bird

I honestly have no idea what that was about.  It is obvious there is plenty of history between these two teams with two of the most memorable playoff games ever and the fact that both were original AFL teams, but it seems really odd that Bud Adams would do that.  I am sure the Houston people will be here soon further profess their love for all things Mr. Adams.

August suggested that it could have been directed at the commissioner which is just as good of a theory as any other. 

This thing has already been taking on a life of it's own on the internet.  It is pretty unlikely that we will ever know what exactly was going through his head at that moment, but it will probably add even more fuel to the fire as we head toward the Monday Night Football meeting with the Texans.

From Clay Travis:

In 1999, these two teams brought America the Music City Miracle. Ten years later, meet the Music City Salute.

It will be interesting to see if Goodell does anything to Bud.

**UPDATE: Right on cue, the No Fun League is looking into Bud's salute.