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Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report

(on the challenges for Leroy Harris facing a 3-4 defense and a 4-3 defense)

It will be similar to what he faced in third down passing situations last week where they'll have a wide rusher, and a good wide rusher. Their ends are very talented and they rush hard, they play with tremendous effort. That will be more of a challenge if he has to play.

(on the defense's success over the last few weeks)

I think it starts with returning both of the DB's because that allows us to do more. Once they come back then, if in fact we need to pressure a little more we can. They have a little better understanding. Rod's (Hood) played, he can cover, he can challenge receivers. So, it really starts there.

(on William Hayes)

He had his most productive outing last week. He had eight tackles, one and a half sacks, three quarterback pressures and a couple knockdowns and caused fumble. He was very productive last week. It's good to see him come on. He's a talented player both against the pass as well as the run.

(on the Bills throwing the ball downfield to Lee Evans)

They're spreading it around, but they're taking their shots if the defense permits it. He's a talented receiver. I think most people just assume that he might be just kind of one of those underneath slot receivers. He can get behind you and get deep.

(on Bills LB Paul Posluszny)

He's directing the defense. He's making all the calls. He's a good player. He's a talented linebacker and plays sideline to sideline and he's a good run stopper. He can also fit and play pass coverage deep down the field.

(on Bills RB Fred Jackson)

Jackson's a very solid back. He's got really good quickness. When a guy's got quickness, he typically has good vision. He's a good runner from the standpoint he sets his runs up. They don't do a lot in the run game, they just do it over and over and over again. He'll press a hole and cut back, he'll press a hole and bounce out. He's a guy that has a good feel for what they're doing.

(on Bills QB Trent Edwards)

He's hard to get on the ground. He's strong, he's athletic, he's a mobile quarterback and he's very smart. He'll put the ball where it needs to be put down the field. He's got a sense for timing. If you can make him hold it then you get a chance to trap him. For the most part, he's going to get rid of the football.