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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings : The "Movin' On Up" Edition


Rankings for Week 9 after the jump. We went up or stayed steady again in every ranking this week. Average spot is 24.'s "experts" - up two to #23

ESPN  - up three to #23

With VY at QB, receivers have turned reliable, CJ has gone crazy and the defense has improved greatly. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo! Sports - steady at #25.

How gutsy was that Vince Young option call on fourth-and-inches – and how sweet was Chris Johnson’s move on 49ers linebacker Parys Haralson before slipping in for the winning score?

Pro Football Weekly - up two to #24.

Vince Young ... game manager?

CBS Sportsline  - up five to #24

Vince Young is 2-0 as a starter. Really? It helps that Chris Johnson is running wild.

Fox Sports up one to #24.

FIRST-HALF BLESSING: Who knew the 0-6 start may have been a blessing? It took six straight defeats to start the year for coach Jeff Fisher to resort to giving QB Vince Young another shot as a starter..

The Sporting News's Power Poll - up three to #23.

Chris Johnson could win the rushing title, and QB Vince Young has been steady.