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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: October 9 Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21Most people give Jeff Fisher the benefit of the doubt that he will turn things around and keep his job. The poll is largely in favor that he can.

But if any coach can hang in there and get things turned around and make something positive out of a 0-4 start, it is Jeff Fisher. I have always been impressed with him and the Titans franchise has been lucky to have him for so long. They have been through this before — the Titans started 0-5 in 2006 and finished 8-8 — and there was talk then of getting rid of Jeff. But they were smart enough not to do that. He's proven that he can get his team out of this situation.

Tennessee_titans_30x21The Colts are getting ready for anything this week, including a CJ/Lendale/Ringer/VY Wildcat, even though there are no signs that it will happen. If it was going to happen, I would expect that it would have already happened , and we wouldn't wait until we are 0-4 to try it.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Merrill Hoge is up to his antics again, still thinking that Kerry Collins is a better fit for this team than Vince Young. He thinks it's insulting that Vince would even be considered.

Tennessee_titans_30x21The 2001 season was a lot like this one, coming off of a 13-3 season the year before and starting 0-3. The only difference is that the 2001 team managed to win their fourth game. Former Titans who played that year says this team needs to find an identity fast because there is no chemistry right now.

Click past the jump to see which quarterly award the Titans picked up.

Tennessee_titans_30x21CBS's first quarter report grades the Titans with a failing grade, also picking up the "Most disappointing team" award. We also pick up the same award at Fox Sports' quarter report.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Kuharsky has the interesting question "Why don't the Titans screen more?"

Tennessee_titans_30x21I wish people would stop giving us the upsets this year. Fox thinks that we will win 23-21. We all know that the Titans play better as an underdog.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Nashville made the list of best sports cities at 12, but Jimmy thinks that's bogus. Pittsburgh comes in at number one, deserved since the they have two world champions: the Steelers and the Penguins.

Tennessee_titans_30x21The Preds are still undefeated, raising the thought that the Titans' struggles may be good for the Preds.