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Colts vs. Titans: Five Questions with Stampede Blue


1.  Peyton Manning looks to be on pace for one of his best seasons ever.  What has changed so much from this season to last?  Is it just that he was healthy for the whole offseason or is there more to it than that?

Health is the main reason. Remember, he started playing at an MVP level immediately following Indy's lose to Tennessee last year. From then to now, he's been dominant. I also think he is just comfortable with the team around him. He' settled in with Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, and Anthony Gonzalez. He also really likes the new kids in Donald Brown, Austin Collie, and Pierre Garcon.

2.  Tell us about Pierre Garçon and what has made him one of Peyton's favorite targets.

He's a big kid (220 pounds) with Marvin Harrison-like speed. He run very well after the catch and, unlike Marvin, Pierre seems to look for contact. He likes stiff arming players lowering his shoulder, and playing physical football. He can also run great routes and blow past some of the more talented corners. He's developing into an exciting player.

3.  Give us an update on Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders.  Are either going to play or be at 100% if they do play?

Freeney will likely play. How much and how often, I'm not sure. They might bring him in again on passing downs as they did against the Seahawks, which means Raheem Brock will see more action at DE. Regarding Sanders, I have no idea. He started light practice for the first time since January. If I had to guess, I'd say they won't play him.

4.  What do you think is the biggest weakness the Colts have that the Titans might be able to exploit?

Run defense, and possibly a "Wild Cat" style of offense. The Colts run defense is much better than last year, but the Dolphins game still burns a hole on Indy's stat sheet. If the Titans are able to run the ball and convert third and manageable, they can control the clock. But the key for them is when they get in the red zone, they MUST score touchdowns. If they don't, Indy will likely find a way to burn them.

5.  Write the headline in Monday's Tennessean.

"BARF! Fisher's projectile vomiting on field following blowout lose to Colts sums up Titans season thus far."

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