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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings : The "Yeah, We Know We're Bad" Edition


Rankings for Week 5  after the jump. Our average spot is 24. Who even cares anymore?'s "experts" ranked us at #27, four spots down. We deserve it.

PK at ESPN is telling it how it is placing us at #25, just six places down.

No spark, no attitude, no swagger, no identity. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo! Sports needs to stop believing. They place us at #21.

How much longer will I cling to my delusion that they’re a legitimate AFC contender?

Pro Football Weekly drops us six spots to #25, providing the cold, hard truth.

We gave them the benefit of the doubt for way too long.

CBS Sportsline , whom I believe gave us the recognition of the best team coming out of training camp, drops us four to #24.

It's hard to believe this is the same team I saw in the summer. They have the Colts coming to town Sunday night. Good luck.

After weeks of Fox Sports believing in us, they stop this week, dropping us four to #25, but Albert was not the NFL Defensive Player of the Year...

WHAT A SURPRISE: Nothing pleasant, absolutely nothing. WHAT A LETDOWN: This is the league's most obvious sucker-punch. Sure, going 13-3 again without NFL Defensive Player of the Year Albert Haynesworth would be unrealistic.

The Sporting News's Power Poll   keeps us at #23, and agrees with the majority of Titans fans.

The time is fast approaching for Vince Young to get another shot as a starter.

What if Sports's unique "Power Predictions" drops us five to #21