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Jaguars 37 Titans 17: The Plays

Be careful. The numbers on the other side of the jump are scary!


Here is how the teams broke down by play call and down:



1st Down

  • Rush- 9 plays 4.89 yards per play
  • Pass- 19 plays 5.63 yards per play
2nd Down
  • Rush- 6 plays 3.83 yards per play
  • Pass- 15 plays 5.27 yards per play
3rd Down
  • Rush- 4 plays 7.25 yards per play
  • Pass- 12 plays 7.25 yards per play

The Titans went for it twice on 4th down.  They converted once with Kerry Collins's 10 yard touchdown run, and the other attempt was incomplete.

It is important to keep in mind that those passing numbers are very much inflated due to the soft defense the Jags were playing in the second half.  They only averaged 4.67 yards passing on 1st down, 2.66 yards on 2nd down and 5 yards on 3rd down.


1st Down
  • Rush- 14 plays 4.29 yards per play
  • Pass- 20 plays 8 yards per play
2nd Down
  • Rush- 8 plays 6.13 yards per play
  • Pass- 13 plays 8.31 yards per play
3rd Down
  • Rush- 3 plays -0.33 yards per play
  • Pass- 9 plays 8.56 yards per play
Not hard to understand why the Titans lost after looking at these numbers.  If David Garrard can put up over 8 yards per passing play I shutter to think what Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will do.