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Jeff Fisher's Monday Press Conference

Jeff Fisher held his weekly spin session today.  Here are some of the more interesting points:

Here is what Fisher said today about why Kerry Collins will continue to start:

One in particular is that we won 13 games with him last year. We hadn't won a game with Vince (Young) at that point.

Well that makes perfect sense to me.  He was good last year so it doesn't really matter that has been bad this year.

He went on to say:

I think Kerry's not the problem. Kerry's been making plays and putting the ball where it needs to be put. I'm not pleased with the interceptions but other than that going over the last few weeks Kerry's made some great throws and made some plays. We just need to play better around him.

He is right.  Kerry did make some plays yesterday against the Jaguars prevent defense.  Who cares if he didn't make any plays when it actually mattered.

(on if there are any coaching or personnel changes coming)


Come on now.  Did you really expect him to say anything else?

(on if there's a need to get back to the run)

We stayed with the run. We stayed with the run last week as well. We stayed with the run trailing the Jets and that gave us a chance to get back in it. We stayed with the run as long as we could. C.J.'s leading the AFC in yards from scrimmage and he's the leading rusher right now in the AFC, maybe even the NFL depending on what happens tonight. So, we're getting some yards on the ground. It's one of those areas where we have to do better at. We've got to get better at running the football.

Don't they say that admitting you have a problem is the first step in correcting it?  If that is the case, this team will never make an improvements because Fisher will never admit a mistake.

(on if Kenny Britt needs more of a workload in the offense)

I believe Kenny Britt is leading the NFL as far as rookie receivers are concerned. I would say based on that he's been involved in the offense.

So there is no reason to get him more involved because he is doing good compared to the rest of the rookie receivers.  Again, makes perfect sense.