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Starting Vince Young Against The Colts: Pros And Cons From August West


• We need to see what Vince Young has to offer before next year, and we need to see him for a long-term stretch.  We need to see if he can prepare like a pro, and handle adversity better than he did before: no whining, no dodging the press after a tough outing, no stories about throwing things in the locker room.  I want to see him take the hits like a pro, then brush it off and get back to work.  If he can't do that then he's toast in this league.

• I trust Vince Young in a primetime game/rivalry game more than a noon start. It's not as much a stats thing as it is a gut feel you got watching him in the past.  He loves the big stage and it's almost always brought out the best (see the 2007 MNF game against the Saints).

• If we're going to get a spark, then lets get it in the only game that could even possibly come close to mattering this year.

• While I don't know if VY will be much better than Kerry, there is almost no possible way he'd be any worse than a 5/6 TD/INT ratio and a 68.9 QB rating.

• I also know that unless he's complete mush between the ears, VY has to be somewhat better than he was in 2007 simply due to a better O-line, Chris Johnson and a VASTLY improved receiving corps.  All of those should mean that he can run more when he wants to, and not because he's being forced to.

• Vince doesn't fix our horrendous secondary, but he could give the D some time to rest by not creating so many 3-and-outs and changing the field position.

Bob Sanders still isn't playing, and he won't be 100% if he makes it back this week.  I still don't buy that the Colts' D is that good (My analysis on stopping the Seneca Wallace-led Seahawks:  dismissive wanking motion).

Follow us through the jump for the cons...


• The we'll still probably give-up 500 yards in the air to Peyton, and any loss will be blamed on Vince by some segments of the fanbase.

• On a visceral, somewhat illogical level, I hate to see any position turned-over by default.  i would so rather VY win it than get it by Kerry's complete failure.

• Inserting VY after the bye-week gives him 2 weeks to run the 1st team in practice.

• VY still made dumb mistakes in the preseason... the kind of mistakes that would get any starting QB killed on a competitive team.