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Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans: Series at a Glance


You might remember the last time these two teams met as the day the wheels came off our season.

The Titans are 17-13 all-time against the Jags.  The record is 16-12 in the regular season and 1-0 in postseason.  The last time the Jaguars visited LP Field was the Vince Young game in week 1 last season (a 17-10 Titans victory).  It is really neat-o that his last start and his next start both come at home against the Jags.

The Titans are 7-7 all-time at home against Jacksonville.  Jeff Fisher is 7-5 against Jack Del Rio.

In case you didn't know how far we have fallen from grace, we get Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker as the announcers for this game.

*Site note: We will not be calling them the Bedazzlers this week because we have lost the right to make fun of any team for any reason.