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Week 7 NFL Power Rankings : The "Best Week of the Season" Edition


Rankings for Week 7 after the jump. We either stayed at the same position or went higher in every ranking this week thanks to the bye. Average spot is still 30.'s "experts" - stays at #30

ESPN - up one to #29

Tennessee's coach has promised lineup/ playing-time changes, but he also declined to say whether they're major ones. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo! Sports - stays at #28.

Can former GM Floyd Reese’s wife rush the passer, and if so, should Jeff Fisher consider extending an olive branch in the form of a contract offer?

Pro Football Weekly - stays at #30.

 Vince Young, like Fisher, ready to wear any other team's jersey.

CBS Sportsline - stays at #32

They come out of their bye with many questions. At some point, Vince Young needs to play. Do they get it going against the Jaguars? Does Jeff Fisher wear an opposing team's jersey every week?

Fox Sports up one to #30.

The best news in Tennessee is that not only did the Titans not lose (thank you, bye week!), but there has been no Titanic controversy for the past five hours. Seriously, this place is stinking with the stench of complete meltdown right now.

The Sporting News's Power Poll up one to #29.

Jeff Fisher needs Peyton Manning at quarterback more than he needs a Manning jersey.

What if Sports's unique "Power Predictions" - up five to #25.