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Bud Adams Calls for Vince Young to Start

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As August mentioned in the links this morning, Bud Adams called for Vince Young to start this week against Jacksonville.  It appears that the Tennessean got this from the same interview they posted with Bud on the Monday following the Boston Massacre, but they chose to sit on it until now.  The funny thing is that Jeff Fisher, as recently as yesterday, still won't say who the starter is going to be.

There has been a lot of speculation here on how safe Fisher is.  It will be interesting to watch how this plays out.  I think it is clear that Fisher still wants to go with Kerry Collins.  He pointed out in his spin session yesterday that Collins had "an especially good week last week."  So now it comes down to doing what he wants to do or doing what the owner wants him to do.

The safer play for Fisher is to go with VY.  For the obvious reason that that is what Bud wants him to do, but also because if they lose 6 more games in a row he can tell Bud that he lost those games with Bud's boy.  It would make it a little bit tougher for Bud to blame the losses on Fisher. 

I don't think it makes a huge difference either way.  Collins has been bad, but quarterback play alone hasn't lost any games.  Vince could provide a spark, but in my opinion that would be limited to a game or two.  I think Fisher needs a 5-5 finish to save his job, and it doesn't look like either guy can give him that.  Time will tell.