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Highlights from Titans on 2 with Jeff Fisher

The three top coaches, Jeff Fisher, Mike Heimerdinger, and Chuck Cecil were on Titans on 2 tonight. Here are some highlights:

Jeff Fisher: 

(on wearing a Peyton Manning jersey earlier today): "Apparently I offended a few people, but you've gotta let that go. This was in respect to Tony and had just a little fun with a very worthwhile charity. 

(on if there will be changes at QB): "There may be some minor changes, I'm not going to sit here and tell you what they are right now for competitive reasons. I've stood firmly being the fact that Kerry is our starter and Vince is our backup, so you're just going to have to wait and see

(on injuries): "I would say there's a really good chance they come back. I think Nick (Harper)'s going to need another week or two, and then I think Craig Stevens will be back. Two of those three guys back in the secondary would be very helpful for us."

Tests came negative so Lendale would be listed as probable if there was a game this week.

Mike Heimerdinger:

"We just didn't play very well...I have to find something to get us going and put us in better position to make plays and catch the ball and get that swagger back."

(on playing Vince Young in a wildcat offense): "I think that some of the better plays, Vince is a great athlete that needs to get on the edge. People are not letting him on the edge. I don't think Vince is going to do what Tebow does at Florida which is run the power off tackle consistently and go down in there because he is a great athlete that needs to get on the edge. We've looked at it, we have a package in there, but right now, I don't think we have those people to do those things, and people are not going to let Vince on the edge, and so we haven't done it.

(on putting Lendale White and Chris Johnson in the game at the same time) Well, that's a good idea, but one of them's going to have to lead block for the other one, and I'm not sure CJ is going to take on those linebackers from New England that were taking on Ahmard Hall. You know, both those guys, we've worked them before. Actually the two times we've had a package in which they were both in there and we were going to flex CJ out and make him a pass receiver and hand the ball off to Lendale, Lendale's gotten hurt the week before and has never made it through, so the two weeks we've had it, we haven't had them healthy to do it. 

"I try not to coach Chris (Johnson) at all, I'm afraid I'll mess him up lately."

Chuck Cecil:

"Am I responsible for the way the defense is playing, everyone blames me? You know what? Absolutely. I'm the defensive coordinator. That's my job, to make sure the defensive plays well, and we're not. We're not playing as well as we should" "You talk about living a nightmare - that's what that was."

"It's really easy to go out and be positive and practice hard when you're 10-0. When you're 0-6 and everybody hates you and thinks you're a dog, you find out who you really are."

"We kinda feel like the field positions, they were playing on it too, but for some reason our guys weren't really very comfortable with it"

"Hey why don't you blitz? Six of the seven blitzes I brought we brought against them were big plays for them. Three of them were touchdowns."