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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings : The "How Are We Not Last" Edition


Rankings for Week 6 after the jump. Our average spot is 30.'s "experts" drop us two to #30

ESPN drops us 3 to #30

How do you rank this team? After coming off the most embarrassing loss in recent memory, this is now the lowest of lows for Jeff Fisher's club. 

Yahoo! Sports drops us 3 to #28.

Who’s more pathetic in the snow – these guys or the "Fargo" criminals?

Pro Football Weekly drops us five to #30.

How can this possibly be same team that won 13 games in '08?

CBS Sportsline puts us down 6 to last.

Is it blasphemy to think Jeff Fisher could be in trouble? I say it is, but you never know. It's time to play Vince Young. At least they can't lose this week. They have a bye.

Fox Sports drops us 5 to #31.

Strength of schedule has been tough, but there's no excuse for simply giving up in last weekend's snowstorm in New England. What an embarrassment. LOOKING AHEAD: The Titans have a slight chance to salvage their season with five winnable games before a Week 13 trip to Peyton Manning's crib.

The Sporting News's Power Poll drops us 6 to #30.

Showing against the Patriots was disgraceful. Coach Jeff Fisher must be nervous.

What if Sports's unique "Power Predictions" drops us 8 to #30.