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Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Questions with BCC

I had the chance to catch up with our friend FSBlueApocalypse and ask him 5 questions about the Jags.

1.  Maurice Jones-Drew seems to be handling being the feature back pretty well.  Do you think he will hold up for 16 games?

Jones-Drew has been a 20-25 touches a game back for awhile now when factoring in receptions. He should be able to handle the load as well as any other back. He certainly isn't a scat back ;). Either way, I would love to see Rashad Jennings (Jacksonville's 7th round pick) get in the mix more.

2.  Is it going to take another 1999-like run to get the fans in Jacksonville to go to games?  What do you think the prospects are for the Jaguars long term in Jax?

The ticket issue is hard to judge right now. Jacksonville was badly hit during the economic downturn and I'm sure that played a factor more often than not in the 17,000 season ticket holders who didn't renew. I'm sure if the Jags had a better season in 2008 things would be at least a little better. The big question right now are the last four home games. I've accepted at least the first four games will be blacked out. However, the Jags have the schedule to post a good record heading into games against the Dolphins and Colts (traditionally big ticket games for the Jags.)

Long term, I think the prospects are there for the team to be successful in Jacksonville. Think about it, I just graduated college and I was in Kindergarten when the Jaguars played their first game. The Jaguars now are seeing the beginning of their first true fans who had no other loyalties prior to coming to Jacksonville. In addition, Weaver mentioned possible moving a preseason game or even a regular season game to Orlando in the future. IMO, that would be a step in the right direction. Despite Orlando being a secondary market for the Jaguars, it boils down to making Orlando show the Jags 8 road games and little else. The team never markets there and I still shake my head to why that doesn't happen.

3.  How many games does Del Rio need to win to keep his job?

I would say eight wins and there isn't any talk at all, 6-7 then his seat is definetly warm, 5 or less and he's gone.

4.  The Jags moved up in the 2008 draft to get Derrick Harvey.  That move doesn't seem to have paid off yet.  Talk about where Harvey is right now.

Harvey's absurd hold out seriously held him back in 2008, though he did begin to show flashes at the end of the season. This year, he's been the biggest victim of the Jaguars switching between a 4-3 and 3-4. Harvey fits nowhere in a 3-4 and it shows.Not to mention he was abused Week 1 in Indy for his horrendous run defense and we have all the makings of another Shack Harris bust.

5.  Write the headline in Monday's Tennessean.

"Panic Time; Jones-Drews' 232 yards and 3 touchdowns help send  the Titans to 0-4"

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