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Titans vs. Jaguars: 5 Keys to Victory

  1. Get our run game started early and stop their run game early . The Jaguars have allowed an average of 100.0 yards per game. The Titans run an average of 151 yards per game.  Also get Lendale White in it early, if he is healthy. On the other side of the ball, we do have a good track record against Maurice Jones-Drew, allowing one 100 yard game in 6 total games with him playing, but he is averaging over 40 yards more than last year, with 94 yards per game. At the same time, we have limited our opponents to 60.7 yards per game, down more than 30 yards from last year.
  2. Fix the return game. 14 points were lost against the Jets due to fumbles on returns. Mark Jones has fielded 156 punts and 58 kickoffs and not once has he fumbled the ball. That is a huge improvement. One of the reasons we had the season we did last year is due to field position, and that has been a non-factor so far this season.
  3. Get off to a quick start. One of the reasons we lost against the Jets was our slow start. 14 points were scored before the Titans offense even got on the field. A quick touchdown drive to start the game will build some momentum in a stadium that will already seem dead.
  4. Catch the ball. Bo Scaife should be back in the game, and Jared Cook should be at full strength, so look for the tight ends to have big games. The Titans dropped more than 5 balls against the Jets that looked like easy catches. While most people on this blog are quick to fault Kerry Collins, the receivers are a great deal of the reason why the passing game looked just mediocre. This week is against the worst pass defense in the league, so the Titans receivers have got to catch the ball.
  5. Play desperate. If we lose to the Bedazzlers, the season is virtually over. This team needs to get that into their heads. Listen to Keith Bulluck. Play with an attitude. On paper this looks like the easiest win in the first six games, so this is the perfect opportunity to build some momentum.