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Jeff Fisher's Monday Press Conference


Jeff Fisher's weekly press conference is being streamed live on WSMV's website today.  It starts now and can be seen by clicking here.  I will update this thread with the highlights once it is over.


  • Fisher stopped short of saying there would be a QB change, but said both guys will get reps.
  • He said there will be not coaching changes.
  • He said he will not be taking over the defensive play calling.
  • He did say he is expecting to put a different team on the field next week.  If that is because of health or performance was not specified.
  • "We just need to play more consistently."  That is an understatement.
  • He said the footing was the biggest issue yesterday.  I guess the Patriots were playing on a different field.
  • Fisher said he hasn't lost the team, and they did not quit.
  • Someone finally called him out on the "practice was good this week" crap.  He didn't really answer the question.
  • Someone asked if there was a reason Steve Underwood was on the sideline at the end of the game.  Fisher hesitantly said no.  It was pretty obvious that he didn't even believe that.
  • Fisher said he is not fearful for his job.  I doubt he believed that either.
  • When asked if he had a quarterback controversy he said no, but he also didn't say Kerry was his quarterback for the first time this year.