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Titans vs. Patriots : 5 Keys to Victory

  1. Control the clock. The best way to keep Tom Brady and the Patriots prolific offense from succeeding is to keep them on the sidelines. Long, time consuming drives are going to be needed when an offense like the Patriots plays against a defense like the Titans. If the Titans turn the ball over a few times, throw this game away. If the Titans give the ball to Tom Brady with a short field a few times, there's no way this game will even be close.
  2. Run the ball. Last week the Titans couldn't get anything done in the run game. The team really needs to get back to the run first, pass second attitude they used last year with so much success. Play Lendale on short yardage situation, because it makes the most sense!  Run the ball down the Patriots throats and tire their defense. Then, and only then we can try passing the ball some.
  3. Don't settle for three. Last Sunday we only came up with nine points off three scoring chances. Against an offense that scores over twenty points a game, field goals are not enough. Every time the team is in the red zone, they've got to come out with 7 points.
  4. Slow down Tom Brady. The Titans have allowed 4 of the 5 quarterbacks they have faced to throw for 300 yards. They will be without Nick Harper, Vincent Fuller, and probably Cortland Finnegan, which makes it even more difficult. Since it doesn't look like the secondary will bail the Titans out, put some pressure on Brady. Jason Jones will be back for the first time since Week 3, which should help.
  5. Hope. The records says we have no shot in this game. The stats say we have no shot on this game. The critics say we have no shot in this game. Just hope for a few lucky breaks. A missed coverage or a few penalties going our way can't hurt. Pray that things will turn around.