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Tennessee Titans Red Zone Report


This post is sponsored by Comcast and their NFL Red Zone channel, a new NFL Network channel. Want to see every touchdown from every NFL game as it happens as well as live look-ins to all of Sunday's games in key situations? Then you need Comcast's NFL RedZone.

The Titans offense is 8-10 (80% in case you couldn't calculate it on your own) with 6 touchdowns and 2 field goals.  The two non-conversions were both field goal misses in Pittsburgh.

The offensive numbers look strangely similar to last week's.  That is because the Titans didn't manage to get in the red zone once against the Colts.  Awesome!

The Titans defense has allowed the opposing team to go 19-20 (95%) in the redzone with 11 touchdowns and 8 field goals.  The Colts capitalized on all four of their red zone chances Sunday night scoring 3 TDs and 1 FG.