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Vince Young Didn't Want to Play at the End of the Colts Game?

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Jim Wyatt mentioned in an article today that Vince Young didn't exactly appear to be excited to get in last night's blowout loss against the Colts:

When offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger pointed at Young in the fourth quarter and told him to warm up, Young glanced at the scoreboard before taking his coat off and throwing a few short tosses.

Young's body language suggested he was unhappy, but Fisher said the fourth-year pro "enjoyed the opportunity to get in the game.'' Fisher said he hadn't discussed Young's reaction with Heimerdinger.    

I emailed Wyatt to ask him if it was something he observed from the press box or if it was something that was being talked about in the locker room after the game.  He said both, and that several other reporters observed the same thing.

Now obviously this is one of those things that is going to polarize the people here.  The "VY people" will say because Fisher said there is nothing to it, there is nothing to it.  The rest of the people are going to use it as yet another example of why VY is not ready to be an NFL quarterback.

I am not sure where I come down on it, but I do know one thing, if this is true I hope the Titans cut him the day after the season is over.  He has no right to decide when is an acceptable time to go in the game.  He should just be happy he still has a job at this point.

If it isn't true I take back everything I said above.