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Jeff Fisher's Monday Press Conference


(thanks to michaeltastic for the picture)

Jeff Fisher held another spin session this afternoon.  Obviously there were a lot of questions about the quarterback position.  Fisher continued to say that Kerry Collins is the starter and Vince Young is the back-up.  When pressed to give an answer on when a switch would be made he went into the "I have been doing this a long time blah, blah, blah.....mess."  He said again that a change is not imminent.

Once again I will say, Fisher is going to stick with the "Kerry is our starter" statement until VY actually starts a game.  He does need to understand that the time is now though.  At this point there is really no reason to keep running Collins out there.  It is the best thing for the organization as a whole to see what they have in VY.

Being at the game, I did not realize that Jevon Kearse was not there.  Apparently Kearse did not take it well when Fisher told him he wasn't going to be active.  Fisher was asked if Kearse would be fined for not being there, and Fisher said he would not be fined and that it was between him and Jevon.

The only other semi-interesting part was the discussion about the Titans staying in the base defense for most of the second half instead of switching to nickel.  Fisher said it was the plan not because of injuries, and if you'll buy that I have some ocean front property....  Pretty obvious to me that he didn't feel comfortable putting Cary Williams into the game.

Pretty much the same ole, same ole.