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Colts vs. Titans: 5 Keys to Victory

This is what we should see from Boom King.
This is what we should see from Boom King.
  1. Pressure Peyton. Peyton Manning's season has been unbelievable so far, and it does not look like he will look any different on Sunday. The Titans have just nine sacks in four games, and Kyle Vanden Bosch doesn't have any. Only one team has given up less passing yards than the Titans. If Peyton Manning has time in the pocket, he can be the most dangerous player in the league.Given the major holes in the secondary, we will have to try to blitz Manning, a tough feat considering he has only been sacked twice in four games.

  2. Convert Third Downs. The Colts have the league's second worst third down defense, allowing 48% of third downs to be converted, but the Titans have only converted a measly 39% of the time. On third and short, put Lendale White in the backfield instead of Chris Johnson, since he is best utilized in short yardage situations? The Colts defensive line seems to be more quick and agile than strong and powerful, which is a recipe of success for Lendale.

  3. Play Physical. Last year the Titans were known as a physical, smash mouth team. That is no where to be seen in the team this year. If a quarterback like David Garrard throws for 323 yards and 3 touchdowns, imagine what Peyton Manning, arguably the league's best quarterback, will accomplish. The corners need to confuse the receivers and knock them off their routes by being physical. Be the Tennessee Spoilers, as Michael Griffin likes to say. The Titans need to exploit the 14th worst run defense in the league by running the ball down their throats and tiring the Colts defense.

  4. Protect the Ball. The Titans have already given the ball away 11 times this season, just 6 times less than all of last year. If we protect the ball, we have a chance. Keep the ball away from the Colts and we are good to go. Running the ball will help the Titans own the game clock and keep the football away from Peyton Manning.

  5. Get The Crowd Involved. As long as the Titans get off to a quick start, the crowd will be a factor. A prime time game against a divisional rival always has lots of hype. After trailing 14-0 after the first quarter two weeks ago, and trailing 27-3 at half time last week, a quick start is essential to excite the fans and keep them rowdy.