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Offseason Coverage: Tell Us What You Want

Well it is time to move on.  I am still not over the loss on Saturday, but the sun keeps coming up and goinng down so I guess we should move on.  Let's try to take our focus off the opportunity that was lost and focus on the fact that this team took a major step forward this season.  This is going to be probably the most exciting offseason this team has had since this site was born in September of 2006.  There is a lot of promise and with a couple of quality signings (ahem Housh ahem) the Titans are going to be just as good in 2009.

The benefit of this site is that it is here and updated 365ish days a year.  August has agreed to continue his daily links throughout the offseason.  The newspapers and tv stations will really cut there coverage back soon, but you can get come here everyday to get your Titans fix. 

Here is the question I pose to you; What are the things you want us to focus on in the dreadful months between now and when camp opens in August.  We will be starting a series of player reviews for everyone on the roster next week.  Of course there will be plenty of free agency and draft coverage, but what else do you want to see?  The floor is yours. 

Also, if there is anyone out there just dying to write some draft stuff (player profiles, other NFL team needs, etc.), shoot me an email at