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Does Peter King Think Bud Adams Is The Only Reason Vince Young Is Still A Titan?


With a lead in like this from Peter King's MMQ column, there's no way you're getting a glowing review:

Vince Young gives off about the worst body language of any backup quarterback I've ever seen...

Then comes a list of times VY wasn't hanging around Kerry Collins or Chris Simms during Saturday's warm-up.  These kinds of pieces have been par for the course all year so it's not like PK's breaking any new ground, but tucked into the last few paragraphs are some interesting - though some will say misguided - thoughts about VY's future with the Titans:

Salary cap-wise, the Titans are under no immediate pressure to move Young. The third-year quarterback's 2009 cap number is a very palatable $4.6 million, but it jumps to $14.2 million in 2010. And if they either cut him or trade him in 2009, he would count as $7.74 million on their cap in 2009 because of the pro-rated signing bonuses and guarantees that would come due immediately. The Titans haven't reached the point of no return with Young the way they did with Pacman Jones a year ago; it's not even close. But they might figure that a $7.74-million cap hit would be a small price to pay to be rid of the Young distraction if they can re-sign Collins.

One big factor in Young's future: Owner Bud Adams, a Texan through and through, loved the pick of Young in the 2006 draft. I doubt he'd be happy with giving up on Young after three star-crossed years. Would he draw a line in the sand and say to Jeff Fisher and GM Mike Reinfeldt, "You can't trade or release Young?'' He might.

So is PK just babbling off of the top of his head, or did he hear enough chatter in the Titans locker room this weekend to think that Bud Adams is the only real ally Vince Young has in the organization?

Either way we can add this account to a long list of national writers, bloggers and comment thread mouth-breathers who are salivating at the prospect of VY failing to revive his career next year.

With VY finally having a full year under a professional coordinator, and (we assume) full involvement in the off-season program, it's definitely looking like 2009 will be the make-or-break year for Vince Young and the Titans.