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Ravens 13 Titans 10: Quick (Possibly Only) Recap

Gramsey sent me a text message at halftime that said he was having deja vu.  I told him this time it was different and to keep the faith.  Turns out he was right.

There are a few different ways we could go with this, but the bottom line was the Titans didn't take advantage of opportunities.  Three* turnovers in the red zone will lose a game pretty much anytime, but especially in a playoff game where the teams are so evenly matched.  *(I realize the Kerry Collins INT wasn't that big of a deal because it was just like a punt)  You can talk about Chris Johnson's injury, the terrible no call on the delay of game on the pass to Heap, or the missed field goal, but those things are not what lost the game.

At the end of the day it ended up being pretty much the same story as 2000.  The Titans beat the Ravens all over the box score; total yards 391 to 211, rushing yards 116 to 50, passing yards 275 to 161, and first downs 20-10, but the only numbers that matter are 13-10.  Tip your hat to the Ravens.  They played well enough to win.  The Titans didn't.

We will have a lot of stuff coming for you here at MCM in the coming days so please continue to check in daily.  This was a fun season watching the Titans on the field and with the community growing here at MCM.  Only 8 months until training camp!