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Ravens @ Titans Divisional Playoff Game Thoughts

Here we go.  Thoughts of 2000 have been dancing threw my head since I watched the Ravens dismantle the Dolphins last Sunday.  That was easily the most miserable I have ever been after a professional sporting event.  That day the Titans beat the Ravens in every category except where it mattered most, the scoreboard.

Today sets up to be a very similar game.  The Ravens come to our house in a year where we were 13-3 and the #1 see in the AFC.  Both teams have mediocre offenses and great defenses.  This game will more than likely turn on some key defensive and/or special teams plays.

The X factor in this game is Kerry Collins.  Collins struggled early in the last game against the Ravens but put it together late to lead the game winning TD drive.  The Titans will need Collins to play the type of game today that he was hired to play;  take care of the ball, hit open receivers, throw the ball away when there is nothing there, and keep the offense calm with his veteran presence.  Overall this season Collins has done an excellent job of doing these things.  This team can win the Super Bowl if Collins plays that way.

Those are my brief thoughts.  Feel free to leave yours in the comments.