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Titans 17 Jaguars 10 Third Quarter Film Review

-Solid run by Chris Johnson to start the half.  Huge hole created by the offensive line

-Justin McCareins created some separatino and the ball was poorly thrown.  Also on the play, McCareins still has to catch it, and it was pass intereference.

-On the first third down of the half Vince Young had a chance to run and make a play but dumped it to Bo Scaife instead

-Heck of a play by Cortland Finnegan on his first pick to simply take the ball away from Troy Williamson.  He had great position in single coverage on a well thrown ball

-LenDale White doesn't look as good running the ball as CJ, but he ran the ball effectively

-VY had CJ open for what could have been a big play on 3rd and 3 and just missed him.  Pretty amazing the Titans won a game where they didn't convert a 3rd down in the first 3 quarters

-The Titans got lucky that the Hentrich punt was only partially blocked.  Special teams coach Alan Lowry has some work to do this week

-Matt Jones actually looked like an NFL receiver in this game

-The Titans did a great defensive job on Michael Griffin's sack.  The announcers said the play didn't work because Lewis fell down, but the Titans were just all over it

-The missed field goal really could have gone either way.  I think they made the right call, but it doesn't get any closer than that

-Vince took off for the first time with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.  He cannot be effective playing like that

-Not sure why we can the ball on 3rd and 5

-Nice tackle by Craig Hentrich.  Bad coverage again

-Nice to see the defensive tackles get a sack without Albert Haynesworth being on the field

End of the 3rd Quarter Titans 10 Jags 7