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Police Statement About the Vince Young Situation

From the City Paper:

"On 09/08/2008 at approximately 2030 hours SWAT officers responded to #1 Titans Way to support Central Precinct officers with a check on the welfare call. SWAT officers were tasked with checking various locations utilizing unmarked vehicles in an effort to locate a subject for the purpose of checking his welfare. At approximately 2300 hours we were advised that the subject in question had made contact with Jeff Fisher and agreed to meet him at the Titans practice facility located on Great Circle Road in the Metro Center area. We were tasked with responding to that location and provide security for the arranged meeting. At approximately 2335 hours the subject in question (Vince Young) arrived at the Titans Practice facility. Crisis Negotiators made the initial contact with the subject as he sat in his car. Shortly after the initial contact the subject exited his vehicle to continue the dialog with the crisis negotiators. SWAT officers approached Mr. Young and checked his person for weapons. Mr. Young agreed to continue talking with officers inside the practice facility in a conference room. SWAT officers stood by outside of the conference room while Mr. Young talked with officers and a psychologist. After meeting with the psychologist, Mr. Young left the practice facility by himself in his vehicle. SWAT officers were then relieved of any further duties."

There you have it.  I would assume that is all standard protocol when the police are alerted that someone might be a danger to themselves.  I just hope the Titans can find someone to help Vince get through this.  He has issues that he needs to work out for his own good before he even worries about getting back on the football field.