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What Happened with Vince Young Last Night?

I am not sure we are every going to a straight answer to that question.  Here is what we know:

  1. He left his home upset last night around 7 p.m. and without his cell phone
  2. The people that were at his home, and we have no idea who those people are, were concerned so they called Jeff Fisher
  3. Fisher then called the police to get them to help him find his quarterback
  4. At some point VY was located and he met up with Fisher and the police after midnight at Baptist Sports Complex
  5. The police have said VY owns a gun, had it with him, but it was not loaded

Those are the facts that we know.  Here, again, is the statement the Titans released about the incident:

Last night, we received a call from people that are closest to Vince informing us that he had left his house in a state of mind that had them concerned; and that he was unreachable, having left his cell phone at the house. Not having all the facts available to us and approaching the matter prudently, we contacted Metro Police to make them aware of the situation and asked for their assistance in locating Vince. He was located at a friend's house, where we made contact with him. He then came to the practice facility where it was determined that those initial concerns by his friends and family were unfounded

It seems to me that this has been blown out of proportion, but it does speak to his mental state right now.  Fisher was obviously concerned enough by the initial phone call that he alerted the police.  While it is never good for a guy to have an injury, this injury might give him some much needed time off.  I am not sure how he can be to this breaking point already after week, but he has got to pull himself together mentally if he is going to be any type of quarterback in this league.  I just hope he can get the help he needs.