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Titans 17 Jaguars 10 Second Quarter Film Review

-I didn't realize the Jaguars were down to their last offensive lineman at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

-LenDale White might look slow compared to Chris Johnson, but he runs the ball hard.

-I would like to see the Titans throw the ball on 2nd and 18 instead of running it and setting up 3rd and long.

-Terrible throw by Vince Young.  I have no idea how he didn't see the safety standing there. 

-Why was the ball moved to the 5 after the pick?  The runner was clearly down on the 8.

-Still not sure how they didn't give Maurice Jones-Drew the touchdown on the 2nd down play.

-Chris Carr hasn't really showed me anything.

-Justin McCareins looked to lose his footing on the long ball that was thrown his way.  It was still thrown a little far, but McCareins might have had a chance to get it if the didn't stumble.

-So much for CJ being a straight-line runner that can't make people miss.

-Nice play by VY on 3rd and 8 to keep the play alive.  Justin Gage has got to come up with that ball.

-Terrible coverage on the following punt.  It is amazing that the defense only gave up 10 points with the Jags starting field position.

-Great play by Michael Griffin and Vincent Fuller to stop the screen to Matt Jones.  This was the play that Griff hurt his shoulder on, but he was able to return wearing a brace.

-Nice job of pursuit by Tony Brown and Jevon Kearse to keep Garrard from getting to the corner.

-CJ was so close to going 75 yards to the house.  Nice shoe string tackle by Reggie Nelson.

-VY made a pretty good throw to Bo Scaife.  It would have been nice if he woud have thrown it a bit shorter so Scaife could turn up field.

-The Titans have a back that can make plays on the screen.  That is awesome.

-Great catch and balance by CJ on the TD. 

-Good play call by the Jags on the big play to Matt Jones to get him against Bullcuk in the middle of the field.

-Finnegan was all over Jones all day long.

-What can you say about Kyle Vanden Bosch?  Not only does he get the sack and force the fumble, but he goes ahead and recovers it himself.

-VY had Gage on the ensuing drive and just missed him.  That one was VY's fault not Gage's.

Halftime Titans 10 Jaguars 7