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Titans 17 Jaguars 10 First Quarter Film Review

In case you forgot, the Titans did play a game on Sunday, and they even won.  Here are some observations from the 1st quarter:

-The coverage on the opening kickoff was terrible.  In fact, kick coverage was terrible all day long.  Paul Williams, who has outside contain, just ran right past Witherspoon.

-Tony Brown set the tone on the first play of the game when he gobbled up Fred Taylor in the backfield.

-Someone said in the game thread yesterday that David Garrard reminded them of McNair.  He showed that on the 2nd play by shaking off Brown, but luckily Albert Haynesworth was waiting for him on the other side.

-Interesting that as Vince Young came out on the field to start the game the announcers were tlaking about his improved maturity.

-Chris Johnson is good x2.

-Good read and good throw on the first passing play of the day that ended up being a pass interference call.  McCareins would have been right where the ball was had he not been tackled.

-VY has to protect he ball better when he is stepping up in the pocket.

-I don't know about you, but I get this rush of excitement every time CJ touches the ball.

-I hate 3rd down completions that don't get the first down.

-It was good to see Rob Bironas nail the 47-yard field goal after not kicking in the preseason.

-Ian Eagle called the Titans a swarming defense.  I think that is a great description/

-Garrard spent a lot of the day on his butt.

-David Tornton looks poised to have another good season.  He made a great play to bring Maurice Jones-Drew down on the draw.

-The Titans are pretty lucky that Haynesworth didn't get called for a penalty on the last play of the Jags 2nd drive.  Garrard did some acting, but usually the ref will throw the flag there.

-It is amazing how slow LenDale White looks when he takes the handoff after watching CJ.

-Again, a 3rd down route short of the sticks.  Brandon Jones has got to get deeper on that route.

-I loved the cut away from CBS to talk about how the Jags were ready to make a Super Bowl run.

-Another nice play by Thornton to stop Fred Taylor for a loss.

-Cortland Finnegan had a rare miss on the pass out to Mercedes Lewis.  I think we can forgive him for that however.

-No surprise that the Jags went for it on 4th and inches and got it.  Tough to stop a guy as big as Garrard in that situation.

-MJD showed what he can do when he gets the ball to the 2nd level.  The Titans did a great job of not letting him do that for the most part on Sunday.

-It was really too bad to see the Garrard McNair like play get called back because of the illegal formation.  It was impressive none the less.

-The Jags really killed themselves at the end of the 1st quarter with back to back penalties on big plays.

End of the 1st Quarter Titans 3 Jaguars 0