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Jeff Fisher's Monday Press Conference

Fisher addressed the media Monday afternoon, and as you would expect, most of the questions were about the exchange between him and Vince Young on the sideline.  Fisher continues to say it was about VY's hamstring, and I continue to not believe him. 

Also of note, normally on Mondays the entire team is available to the media.  Yesterday he only let a couple of guys, Kevin Mawae and Keith Bulluck I believe, speak to the media.  Now I am not 100% sure of the reason, but a conspiracy theorist would say it is because he only wants guys talking that he is sure won't say anything about the sideline exchange that would contradict what Fisher said.

A third thing of interest is that Fisher is still not saying anything about VY's MCL.

The entire transcript after the jump.

(On Vince Young's status)

We still don't have any of the test results back. As soon as we get the results back, we'll let you know. I'll have no further comment as far as his physical condition until we get the test results. In the event that he's going to be out for a long length of time, which I think is unlikely, we'll let you know.

(On Young's initial knee tests)

X-rays were negative. We'll do an MRI just to look at the structure.

(On the exchange between him and Vince Young on the sideline)

Again, I addressed it yesterday. I addressed it completely yesterday. I'll revisit it again briefly so we can move on. Yesterday we had an issue with hamstring tightness. All kinds of communication was being displayed on the sideline. You all saw Vince [Young] on the sideline with a towel over his head, obviously he wasn't happy with the interception but that was not part of the issue. The issue was communication between myself and a few of the trainers in regards to whether [Young's] hamstring tightened up or not. Vince's demeanor on the sideline after making a play is different, you aren't used to seeing that. It's his way of coping with putting something behind him. He'd rather be by himself when trying to put something like that behind him. It wasn't the demeanor on the sidelines that led to the confusion. The confusion was specifically related to hamstring tightness.

(On if Vince Young should have gone to the medical staff before sitting on the bench)

Not necessarily. He didn't have a pull. He wasn't injured, he was tight. So we communicated, Mike [Heimerdigner] communicated with him. When a player is injured we talk to him all the time.

(On his exchange with Vince Young on the sideline)

I had an offensive group on the field and the referee is getting ready to wind the play clock and I had a quarterback on the sideline. So if I appeared upset, it's because I wanted to get the quarterback on the field so we could go. That's the long of it. I think we're making an awful lot over the fact that there was some miscommunication on the sideline. I think the bigger issue right now is his knee. I'm more concerned with what happened with his knee than what happened yesterday.

(On if Vince Young needs to change his demeanor)

Yes, he definitely needs to work through some things. There's no doubt about that. It's not the first time he's been frustrated or he's shown frustration outwardly on the sideline. But he tends to bounce back. He was not happy on the first interception and he clearly should not have thrown that ball. He made that decision. He understood it, he processed it and he came back two series later and led us on a touchdown drive.

(On if Vince Young's demeanor is damaging to his teammates)

No, I think they understand it. He shows frustration at times on the practice field. He's very competitive, he's not used to losing. He has a tremendous amount of pride and he doesn't like making mistakes. I think as a young quarterback you learn from these things and you move on. I don't necessarily want to see the other side of it where you've got this false chatter and this false enthusiasm on the sideline, either. I think he processes things and he bounces back.

(On if Vince Young pulled himself out of the game without saying anything)

He did not pull himself. Let me explain something. I put him on the injury report on Friday because of a tight hamstring. It was not a significant injury, it was a tight hamstring. He had hamstring tightness. The discussion was related to tightness, and not a pull. If he were to pull it, I assure you and everybody else, you would have seen him being administered and examined by doctors.

(On if Vince Young didn't make anyone aware of his injury before going back in the game)

We discussed it throughout the game.

(On how to work on communication within the team)

We have to communicate better. I probably need to do a better job talking to Mike [Heimerdinger]. I'm on the other side when the defense is out there. I have a lot of responsibility that goes beyond just checking on specific positions. Not that that was not important. But [Young] ran back on the field and made plays and unfortunately he got hurt.

(On if Vince Young knew to go back in the game)

Well, he's the starting quarterback. When you're the starting quarterback, if you feel good enough to play, you  play. The question was, ‘Are you tight? Is it too tight? You need to use your legs to run around.' It's different. If he's a pocket passer, he's okay. If it was Kerry [Collins] he'd probably be okay. But the stuff we had in the game plan and the situation in the game where we were at, we needed to get him on the edge and use his legs.

(On if he feels comfortable that Vince Young's injury is not season-ending)

Yeah, I mean after the exam last night, we had a much better idea. If it was potentially season-ending, we would have told him last night.

(On finding another backup quarterback if necessary)

Again, once we get the results we'll kind of circle the wagons and look at our options. Ingle [Martin] certainly makes the most sense because he understands the offense. I don't want to go into hypotheticals, but I will for you. Ingle [Martin] makes the most sense because he's our practice squad quarterback. If there's somebody out there with experience and we want to go in that direction than we will.

(On if they have contacted any outside quarterbacks)

Not at this point. It may not be necessary.

(On the rumors of the Titans contacting Chris Simms)

All I hear is what you hear, that he was in New England with Tim [Rattay].

(On Vince Young's injury limiting him if it's not season-ending)

It's hard to predict not knowing the extent of it. Obviously, if you're dealing with a third-degree MCL sprain, you're probably out a couple of weeks and not back to 100 percent for three or four weeks.

(On Albert Haynesworth saying he didn't remember parts of the game due to his concussion)

I was not aware of those comments but relating to the question, we do a thorough examination on the sideline before we ever allow the players to go back on the field.

(On the defensive play against the run)

I was very, very pleased. Part of the reason we didn't give up runs was because I think they made the decision not to run much in the second half. That should have a lot to do with your effectiveness in the first half so I was very pleased with how we handled that. The plays they did make and most of their big gains came from making people miss with Maurice [Jones-Drew]. I was pleased with the run defense, pleased with the pass rush. We still made a lot of mistakes. We made mistakes on defense but they sure are a lot easier to correct after a win than after a loss.

(On the carries being split evenly between Chris Johnson and LenDale White)

I said yesterday I liked the combination we were going to. Sometimes it will be even, sometimes it won't. Yesterday we got Chris [Johnson] going and when you have something, you stay with it and then go through your adjustment process. It's a chess game. But LenDale [White] had a pretty big impact on the game and we liked the balance.

(On only having two active running backs yesterday)

Well, Ahmard [Hall] can carry the football if we needed him to. It's unlikely that you lose two running backs in a ball game but the inactives were primarily a result of our special teams and our defensive line.

(On Rob Bironas and Craig Hentrich having to make tackles on special teams)

That's not a good thing. I was not pleased with the special teams' performance. We had too many big plays. Now, granted, that special teams unit of the Jaguars is probably going to have a certain amount of big plays in a ball game, they're very, very talented. But we missed tackles. It was a good learning experience for us but we hope to get better.

(On Cortland Finnegan's interceptions)

Yeah, those were huge plays. They were man-to-man plays. It was different than putting your feet in the ground and driving, it was a jumping contest that he won. The other was a great play. He read the route and stepped in front. Everyone in our secondary is capable of making plays.

(On Lavelle Hawkins being ready this week)

I hope that he will be ready this week. Whether he's active or not I can't say.

(On the Titans being in sole possession of first place in the AFC South)

Somebody told me this is the first time since 2004 that the Colts haven't been in first place after Week 1.

(On if the AFC is wide open after Tom Brady's injury)

I've always been impressed with Matt [Cassel]. I thought he was unfairly criticized in the preseason. [The Patriots] may not win all 16 but they'll be there, they have too much talent and too good of coaches to not be there at the end. With Tom Brady, that's very unfortunate for the league. He's a marquee player.

(On Rob Bironas' inability to have solid kickoffs the whole game)

The leg is fine. He didn't have any issues but you could tell he hadn't kicked off in a while. I was not pleased with that aspect of his game but he'll settle down and make the adjustments to get better hang-time and distance.