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Breaking Down the Titans 2008 Schedule: Week 17 @ Indianapolis

Colts Stat* Titans
106.6(18th) Rush Offense 131.8 (5th)
252.1 (6th) Pass Offense 179.9 (27th)
358.7 (5th) Total Offense 311.7 (21st)
28.1 (3rd) Scoring 18.8 (22nd)
106.9 (15th) Rush Defense 92.4(5th)
172.8 (2nd) Pass Defense 199.2 (10th)
279.7 (3rd) Total Defense 291.6 (5th)
16.4 (1st) Scoring Defense 18.6 (8th)
+18(2nd) Turnover Ratio 0 (12th)

*2007 Stats

1st game here.

This week 17 game will be a lot different than last season's week 17 game because this game will decide who wins the division.  The Colts will have a slight advantage in this game because they will be playing at home. 

The Titans enter the playoffs as the #5 seed with a record of 11-5.