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Jeff Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report

(On the heat out at practice)

Not hot enough. I believe the forecasts indicate that kickoff [Sunday] will be right about what the temperature was today. But it was good to get back into it because we had a break the past couple weeks. We'll watch it and maybe adjust the next couple days but today was a good day.

(On if the game planning was all done today)

No, this is a Wednesday install day. We got first and second down in and we're staying on a normal installation week. Wednesday is always a challenge because there's some new concepts that go in here and there, some new adjustments that are made and there may be a mistake on the field. But it's part of the practice week, you work through it. It was good that we had to stay focused through the heat.

(On having Albert Haynesworth healthy after he missed last year's game in Nashville)

Well, we've had some difficult times with the Jags with Albert. It's hard to say. You like to think that because of the way he had been playing in that first game that there is certainly a difference. But one person is not going to make the difference in a ball game but having everybody healthy defensively certainly helps.

(On Vince Young playing the whole game using the entire playbook)

Yeah, he's excited about the plan and there will be things that we carry through until Friday that we'll sit down with him and if he doesn't like them, if he's not comfortable with them, we'll pitch them out. He's going to do a lot of good things with the things he likes and is comfortable with. He's excited about the plan, he's working hard and he made very good decisions today.

(On if there are more plays Vince Young is comfortable with now entering his third year)

Yeah, he understands concepts and defenses and things are becoming more familiar to him. The most important thing for Vince is just to relax, have fun and just play because that's when he's at his best. When he's having fun and just playing and not when he's putting any pressure on himself. If there's a mistake, just overcome the mistake and move on. That's the beauty of having four quarters in a ball game.

(On Vince Young trying not to put too much pressure on himself)

 Well, I think he understands if you put the time in and stay focused through the offseason program and through camp, then you've done things over and over and over and they become second nature to you. When things become second nature to you, that's when you might have a moment or two to really enjoy what you're doing.

(On where David Garrard has improved the most during his time in Jacksonville)

 It's the decision-making. He's going to throw the ball away. He's a very good ball-handler and if he can't see something down the field, he's not a tall quarterback, then he won't make the throw. He's going to make sure he can make a good decision. That's a sign of a maturing quarterback.

(On David Garrard's playoff experience benefitting his development)

 Oh yeah. There's no doubt that winning a playoff game gives you experience. It gives you that momentum into the offseason and you come into the offseason healthy and you work hard. They've done a good job surrounding him with an improved receiving corps. He should have more confidence heading into the year.

(On the Richard Collier situation and if it's at all a distraction)

No. It appears just from the outside that the organization has handled it very, very well. They kept everybody informed, fortunately he's in stable condition and they've kept the players informed and they've moved on. Richard would want them to go play, who knows, he may be watching the ball game as far as we know. I think they handled it well. I mean, it's difficult. The difficult period was over a couple of days but I think once people realized he had stabilized they were able to take a deep breath.

(On if there's anything you can say to players as a coach to get their mind off a certain incident)

The game has its own sense of pressure that it will put on you. It will captivate your attention once you walk in the door to come to work because of the job requirement. So you address it and then get ready for the opener.

(On if he likes starting the season out at home)

Yeah, it's a great opportunity to get our fans involved. At home against a division opponent is the only way you should start off the regular season.

(On how much he looks forward to incorporating more of the playbook into the game)

Well we're going to try and score one more point than they do and in the effort to do so we're going to probably have to do some different things than we did in the preseason.