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Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans 5 Questions

It is awesome that the regular season is here.  With the return of the regular seaosn we have the return of 5 questions with the opposing team's blogger.  This week we have Chris, the head blogger over at Big Cat Country:

MCM-  It seems there has been a lot going on around this team in the last few weeks with the Fred Taylor arrest and the shooting of Richard Collier.  First, how is Collier, and second, do you think these distractions will have any baring on Sunday's game?

Big Cat Country- Fred Taylor's situation, despite being an unnecessary annoyance, is a pretty ridiculous situation.  Someone told a police officer in Miami that Fred's car had guns and drugs in it, and when Fred was pulled from the car and searched, he got a vocal about what happened.  He was not arrested, booked, or bonded out, he was given a citation.  While it's more than a parking ticket, I think the Taylor situation is overblown.  Now, in all seriousness, I'm unhappy that several Jaguars have had the time to go out past midnight on the biggest week of the season.  The Richard Collier situation is very sad.  He's a player the Jaguars have developed and saw as their future at left tackle.  Now we're all hoping and praying he can have a regular life, football's merely an afterthought.  Collier is still in critical but stable condition.  As far as distractions go, I hope that the Collier incident helps put things into perspective.  They're going to play for their absent teammate and will be in everyone's hearts and minds on Sunday.

MCM- How is Derrick Harvey coming along after the long hold out?  Will he be a factor in this game?

BCC- He played in the final preseason game only a day after ending his hold out, which means that he was in good enough condition to take the field despite the Jaguars having a temporary roster exemption, so there's that.  He'll get some time, but I'd expect him to be a situational player at first. Reggie Hayward  and Paul Spicer will start at DE, Harvey will be a 3rd down or passing downs DE.  Frankly, I don't like the idea of Harvey going after Vince Young on his first game, simply because Harvey is probably not used to pursuing a quarterback like Young and could get exposed by over-rushing the passer.

MCM- In Nashville we love Gregg Williams.  How is his system coming along down there?  Do you think he makes your defense even better than it has been?

BCC- Yes, we've already seen a little more blitzing and some more exotic formations and it's only the preseason.  Williams brings an attitude and an approach to defense that has us all really excited.  Look for Reggie Nelson to be the featured player in his defense, Gregg has alluded to Reggie being the focus of his scheme quite a few times.  Of course, that could be smoke and mirrors, but the preseason has already seen Reggie be wherever the ball goes,  so keep an eye on that.

MCM- David Garrard played really well last season.  Was last season a fluke, or do you think he is on his way to being a star in this league?

BCC- He better, the Jaguars gave him a 60 million dollar contract, so the team must see some serious potential in him.  In all seriousness, I expect David to increase both his touchdowns and interceptions this season.  Last year's low INT rate was an outlier, there's no chance that they can repeat that, but if he offsets it by increasing his touchdowns, I'm OK with it.  28 TD's and 10-12 interceptions would be fine with me.   He's very much embraced the leadership role that Byron Leftwich lacked, so if it's enough to make him a star in Jacksonville, I'd be pleased.

MCM- What is the headline for the story in Monday morning's Tennessean?

BCC- Jacksonville Jaguars defeat Tennessee Titans in Ground Pounding Slug Fest: 21-20

As always head over the Big Cat Country to see his questions with my answers.