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Tennessee Titans 30 Minnesota Vikings 17: Quick Recap

4-0 for the first time in franchise history.  That is pretty awesome.  I took a lot of heat for my early predictions, but they don't seem that far fetched now.

The Titans' defense did a good job against Adrian Peterson holding him to 80 yards on 18 carries.  4.4 yards per carry is a pretty good average, but you will take it all day long with a back like AP.  The Vikes' fans that spent so much time here this week should now understand what this Titans' defense is all about.

The Titans' offense wasn't great, but they were efficient.  Collins had a nice day (18-35 for 199) and didn't turn the ball over.  The Titans didn't have much success running the ball, but they did enough to keep it balanced and open up some things in the passing game.

Enjoy this win.  This team is starting to look like they are ready to make a really special run.  August will have links in the morning.