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Vikings @ Titans: 5 Questions with Daily Norseman

I caught up with Gonzo from Daily Norseman to ask him 5 questions about tomorrow's game.

MCM- A lot of the power rankings out there have the Vikings around #20. Where do you think they should be?

Daily Norseman- Right now, after the way they've performed over the first three weeks, somewhere in the 17 - 20 range seems about right to me.  They are 1-2, so there aren't a whole lot of teams that they should be placed ahead of, but they haven't been getting blown out or anything like that, and they've played three pretty good football teams thus far.  They might have been a little overrated at the beginning of the season, depending on your source (I believe Sports Illustrated had them at #4), but as of now somewhere between 17 and 20 is the right range for them.  Hopefully it will go up after this week.


MCM- Do you like the switch from Tarvaris Jackson to Gus Frerotte?

DN- The quarterback change has been a bit strange.  I agree with the fact that a change probably needed to be made, but I don't like the way it was done.  From the way the first couple of games looked, Brad Childress obviously didn't feel that Tarvaris Jackson was ready to take run the offense the way Childress wants it run.  If that was the case, he owed it to Jackson, to the rest of the team, and to the organization to do more to correct the quarterback situation than he did in the off-season.  Frerotte is still a capable backup, but he's not the long-term answer that Jackson has been deemed to be.  Now, we're left wondering whether we have a long-term answer at quarterback, or if we're going to be starting all over again at the position.

So, basically, the QB change is the best for the team in the short-term, but not in the long-term, in my opinion.

MCM- Who is the best Vikings player we have never heard of?

DN- The best Vikings player that Titan fans probably don't know about is OLB Ben Leber.  While Leber's fellow linebackers, E.J. Henderson and Chad Greenway, get their fair share of publicity, Leber is kind of obscure, and I think he sort of likes it that way.  He's not the most athletic guy at the LB position, but it seems like he's always in the right place at the right time.  Last year, he tied for the Vikings' team lead in sacks, had an interception and numerous defended passes, and was rarely out of position.  He's the kind of smart, consistent veteran that you want at OLB.

MCM- Does Brad Childress need a playoff birth to keep his job?

DN- I think he does.  He took the job three years ago saying that it was the "plum job" in the National Football League.  Over the past 2+ years, he's compiled a record of 15-20 while having an owner that's done nothing but add talent and give Childress whatever he thinks he needs to be successful.  The Vikings have drafted rather well over the course of the Childress era as well.  Between the lack of success over the past couple of years and his (apparent) botching of the quarterback position at this point, if Childress doesn't get this team turned around before the end of his third season, I don't think he's going to be around for a fourth.  After watching him attempt to call an offense for the last couple of years, I'm not sure if I'd be even a little bit heartbroken by that.

MCM- What will the headline in the Monday's Tennessean be about this game?

DN- I think that the Tennessean is going to have a headline about this game being a hard-fought, physical contest that was decided by less than a touchdown margin.  I've looked at this one a lot over this past week, and I still haven't figured out who I'm picking to win, but whoever wins, it's going to be a close one.  The Titans have the 3-point Vegas edge for home field advantage, which tells me that these are two very evenly matched teams, and they're practically mirror images of each other.  But I can guarantee that it will be a physical ball game, and it would be a bit foolhardy to expect a blowout in either direction.

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